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The closest thing to natural bait in the artificial bait category. Slinker plastic worms have a patented S-shape that not only makes them look different compared to traditional plastic worms, but also makes them more versatile and lifelike. Enjoy along with us with the greatest betting house online on free play pokies. Doubled down payment! Review as well as succeed!

Pearl Can$7.00 Slinker-04 Quantity:
Red Bug Can$7.00 Slinker-06 Quantity:
Watermelon Seed (5).JPG
Watermelon Seed Can$7.00 Slinker-08 Quantity:
Green Pumpkin Jr.JPG
Green Pumpkin Jr Can$7.00 Slinker-03 Quantity:
Watermelon Candy Jr.JPG
Watermelon Candy Jr Can$7.00 Slinker-08 Quantity:
Green Pumpkin Seed-Copper Flake.JPG
Green Pumpkin Seed-Copper Flake Can$7.00 Slinker-23 Quantity:
Bubble Gum.JPG
Bubble Gum Can$7.00 Slinker-02 Quantity:
Red Shad.JPG
Red Shad Can$7.00 Slinker-12 Quantity:
Watermelon Candy.JPG
Watermelon Candy Can$7.00 Slinker-08 Quantity:
Watermelon Seed-Copper Flake.JPG
Watermelon Seed-Copper Flake Can$7.00 Slinker-25 Quantity:
Watermelon Seed-Red Flake.JPG
Watermelon Seed-Red Flake Can$7.00 Slinker-10 Quantity:
Chameleon Green (2).JPG
Chameleon Green Can$7.00 Slinker-24 Quantity:
Plum Can$7.00 Slinker-05 Quantity:
Black-Red Flake.JPG
Black-Red Flake Can$7.00 Slinker-01 Quantity:
Green Pumpkin-Coppe Purple Flake.JPG
Green Pumpkin-Copper/Purple Flake Can$7.00 Slinker-22 Quantity:
Green Pumpkin (2).JPG
Green Pumpkin Can$7.00 Slinker-03 Quantity:
Pumpkin Seed JR (3).JPG
Pumpkin Seed Jr. Can$7.00 Slinker-11 Quantity:
Watermelon Seed JR (3).JPG
Watermelon Seed Jr. Can$7.00 Slinker-09 Quantity:
Tequila Can$7.00 Slinker-07 Quantity:
Black Can$7.00 Slinker-20 Quantity:


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